The CapsulePen is 6" long and 1/2" wide and holds any size or combination of pills. It is water resistant, stylish and discreet. It is available with or without magnets and can be sold as a CapsulePen product or with another company's branding. CapsulePen is made with BPA & Pthalate Free K-Resin and Neodymium Magnets. For our full FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, please click here.


If you are a pharmacuitical, insurance or healthcare company looking to be remembered, the CapsulePen is the perfect promotional pill case for you. Pill cases are proven to increase medication compliance. (For more info from the US government on this compliance fact, click here) So, if you are giving out pill cases, you are improving your client's health! What other promotional product can keep your company branded, AND is proven to improve health?

  • To Order Promotional Products: Contact Joe Cote at joe@capsulepen.com, or dial 646-483-4354. 


If you are an independent or chain pharmacy that needs stand-out products that drive people through your doors, the CapsulePen is the product that keeps on giving. We are constantly reiterating our product and helping pharmacists everywhere deliver the best in medication compliance to their customers. The CapsulePen is available in CDU's that hold 63 pens each, or in single packages, or in packs of 7. 

  • To Order Wholesale Products: Contact our MFG's Representative Harvey Perle of PerleAndCompany.Com at perleandcompany@gmail.com, dial 651-303-8889, or order online here!


Minimum quantities in the promotional department are 500 units, while in the retail department, they are single boxes of 63 pens each, or in seven packs by the dozen. Contact your local CapsulePen representative for specifics.


We offer both custom plastic color matching to your brand colors, and PMS color matching on any printed logos that you need on the body of the CapsulePen. For custom colored plastic caps, you must be ordering at least 2,000 units. For custom printed logo color matching, 100 units minimum are required. If you would like to download our complete Pantone Color Chart, please click here.


From TechCrunch to FastCompany and everywhere in between, CapsulePen has caught the attention of writers everywhere. Please take a look at a complete list of CapsulePen media mentions here: CapsulePen Press Page.


  • For Promotional Products, contact Joe Cote at joe@capsulepen.com, or dial 646-483-4354. 
  • For Wholesale Products, contact Harvey Perle of PerleAndCompany.Com at perleandcompany@gmail.com, dial 651-303-8889, or order online here!


Our current customers include the world's largest health and pharmaceutical brands. We deliver the most memorable branding tools possible. We also work with nursing homes, vitamin manufacturers, and pharmacies to make sure that they are always on the minds of their customers. Here are a few of the companies that we currently work with:






A 7 pack of CapsulePens (Get your Weekly Set Here) can be the ultimate organizer for myriad small things. Just take a sharpie and write what is inside each of your CapsulePens so that you don't forget. Below are some suggestions, but be creative! Losing odds and ends is terribly frustrating, and time consuming when they need replacing....

If you are looking for a standout item to give out at your next trade show or conference, and you work in healthcare, look no further because you have found it! The CapsulePen (See the CapsulePen's Healthcare Promotional Product information Page Here) gives the biggest bang for your buck, and it is the gift that keeps on giving. After all,...

Question: How many pills does the CapsulePen hold?

Answer: This depends on the size of the pills inside. The CapsulePen is 6 inches or 15.24 centimeters deep and 1/2 inch or 1.27 centimeters wide and typically holds at least 7 large pills.


Question: Are the magnets removable?

Answer: Yes. The top and bottom caps each have...

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"There is absolutely nothing wrong with those pillboxes that split your medication by day of the week. Preload it once in your spare time, and you’re all set with whatever prescription regimen you’re on for the immediate future. Well, except for one thing: They’re surrounded by stigma, as if they’re made only...