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What else is CapsulePen good for?

in Wholesale on March 21, 2014 .

A 7 pack of CapsulePens (Get your Weekly Set Here) can be the ultimate organizer for myriad small things. Just take a sharpie and write what is inside each of your CapsulePens so that you don't forget. Below are some suggestions, but be creative! Losing odds and ends is terribly frustrating, and time consuming when they need replacing. If you are looking for solutions, here's twenty of our favorite uses!


1. Headache Medicine

2. Breath Mints/Gum

3. Allergy medicine

4. Sewing Kit

5. Vitamins

6. Toothpicks

7. Buttons

8. Earring backings

9. Bobby Pins

10. Beads and Rhinestones

11. Eyeglasses repair kit

12. Hairbands and bows 1

3. Emergency Cash

14. Emergency Tampon

15. Safety Pins

16. Band Aids

17. Perfume/Cologne Samples

18. Water Purification Tablets

19. Matches

20. Nail File, Eyeliner and Mascara