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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

in General, Wholesale on March 22, 2012 .

Question: How many pills does the CapsulePen hold?

Answer: This depends on the size of the pills inside. The CapsulePen is 6 inches or 15.24 centimeters deep and 1/2 inch or 1.27 centimeters wide and typically holds at least 7 large pills.


Question: Are the magnets removable?

Answer: Yes. The top and bottom caps each have removable lids. You can slide a knife or screwdriver into the seam and simply pop the lid off to remove the magnets and press the lid back into place when you are done.


Question: Is the plastic that CapsulePen made out of safe and recyclable?

Answer: Yes. The CapsulePen is made out of K-Resin, which is a phthalate and BPA free, food grade, recyclable polystyrene plastic.


Question: How do I keep from losing the caps?

Answer: Each cap contains a magnet with over 4 pounds of pull strength, simply place the top cap against the bottom when filling your CapsulePen. This can also keep the pens from rolling around.


Question: How do I keep the pens from rolling around as I fill them with pills?

Answer:: When two or more pens are magnetically attached at their sides, they will not roll. Another option is to attach the top cap to the bottom cap perpendicularly.


Question: Where is the CapsulePen manufactured?

Answer: The CapsulePen is manufactured and assembled at a medical device factory in Pelham, New Hampshire, USA.


Question: Why is the CapsulePen tubular?

Answer: When pills and capsules of different sizes and shapes are arranged in close quarters, they have a tendancy to get jammed together when they are between flat surfaces. This happens far less frequently with rounded walls.


Question: Why a pen cap instead of some other form of cap?

Answer: The removable cap or cover is the most user-friendly, intuitive, prolific design for a container. It is widely accepted as the defacto option for securing a container.


Question: Is the bottom cap removable?

Answer: Yes, although it requires significantly more strength to pull off than the top cap does.


Question: Are the caps threaded? Do you need to twist them to remove them?

Answer: No.


Question: Is there an AM/PM version?

Answer: An AM/PM version is in the works and will be released as soon as it is ready. For now, just fill the CapsulePen in the reverse order of when you take your pills.


Question: What colors are CapsulePens avaialble in?

Answer: Currently we offer red caps and blue caps with white bodies. We will be coming out with many more color options in the near future. These colors were chosen to mimic the world's most popular pen colors. Future colors will include sinrise yellow and sunset blue for the AM/PM version, and weekly sets with a different color for each day of the week.


Question: Can I order the CapsulePen in a custom color combination?

Answer: Yes, please visit our Wholesale information page for more information at: https://pillcontainers.com/index.php?route=blog/article&category_id=2&article_id=18


Question: Can I order the CapsulePen with my organization's logo on it?

Answer: Yes, please visit our Wholesale information page for more information at: https://pillcontainers.com/index.php?route=blog/article&category_id=2&article_id=18


Question: Is the clip durable?

Answer: Yes, although if you physically bend it, it will bend, and stay that way until you bend it back.


Question: Will the magnets damage or interfere with my credit card or pacemaker?

Answer: In order to make sure that the CapsulePen does not interfere with the following objects, please respect the minimum acceptable distance between the CapsulePen and the object listed next to each, or, simply remove the magnets and stay away from them. A) High-quality magnetic card (credit card, ATM card) > or = to 46mm or 1.9 inches B) Cheap magnetic card (parking garage, admission ticket) > or = to 134mm or 5.3 inches C) New Pacemaker > or = to 201mm or 8 inches D) Old Pacemaker > or = to 257mm or 10.2 inches E) Mechanical watch, non-magnetic pursuant to ISO 764 > or = to 103mm or 4.1 inches F) Mechanical watch, not non-magnetic > or = to 571mm or 22.5 inches G) Hearing aid > or = to 66mm or 2.6 inches F) Vehicle key, USB stick, CD, DVD, Camera, Cell, Smart phone = No danger


Question: What else is the CapsulePen good for?

Answer: The CapsulePen can be used to organize a variety of personal and household items! Please take a look at a list of them here: https://pillcontainers.com/index.php?route=blog/article&article_id=19


Question: Will the CapsulePen fit my insulin syringe?

Answer: If your syringe is less than .5 inches (1.27 cm) wide at its widest point, and 6 inches long (15.24 cm) at its longest point, then it should fit inside the CapsulePen.


Question: Who do I contact if I am having problems with my order?

Answer: Please contact service@capsulepen.com and they will get right back to you, or call 646-483-4354.


Question: My CapsulePens tend to move around on their own when I put them on the refridgerator, what's happening?

Answer: Spread them out a bit and they won't budge! They ar just attracting eachother, end once they get to close, they tend to repel away from the refridgerator and float downward.