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Our Top 6 Healthcare Promo Product Picks

in General, Wholesale on January 23, 2014 .

If you are looking for a standout item to give out at your next trade show or conference, and you work in healthcare, look no further because you have found it! The CapsulePen (See the CapsulePen's Healthcare Promotional Product information Page Here) gives the biggest bang for your buck, and it is the gift that keeps on giving. After all, what other single item will be carried (and loved!) by your customer day-in and day-out? Don't agree? That is A-OK with us, and we are here to help. Below is a list of 10 of our favorite healthcare product give aways and promo items that will knock your socks off and deliver a brand experience to remember.


1. The Sweet Dreams Kit from HealthPromotionsNow.Com is really cute, and serves a great purpose. After all, all of the attendees at your conference or meeting have to get home, and they will probably want to sleep on the plane. This is by far once of the most thoughtful trade-show send offs we have seen. Buy the Sweet Dreams Kit Here. (As low as $4.85)


2. The Safe 'N Easy Pill Counter Tray from HealthPromotionsNow.Com is an awfully specific hand-out, we know, but it really works, too! If your attendees would use it, we HIGHLY recommend it. And, as an added bonus, it works fantastically with the CapsulePen, so get them both for some added OOMPH at your next trade show and be sure to boost everyone's medication compliance! Buy the Pill Counter Tray Here. (As low as $3.89)


3. The Deluxe Wood Jump Rope from Balady.Com is a real, beautiful jump rope, and nothing says healthy like working up a sweat, anytime, anywhere. This is a fantastic way to get attendees blood pumping, and to inspire creative solutions to fitness. Available in several rope colors. Buy the jump rope here. (As low as $1.70)


4. The Mobile Phone Arm Belt from Balady.Com is a life-saver, or a phone-saver, or a music-saver, or simply an awesome give-away at any conference dedicated to health or fitness. EVERYONE is running somewhere, sometime, and they ALL want their tunes and texts readily available. Give the people what they want, and keep your brand in arm's reach! Buy the iPhone Friendly Arm Belt here. (As low as $2.10)


5. Custom SPF 30 Sunscreen from icandeemarketing.com says you care better than any other product out there. How many times have you wished you had some SPF near-by? Well, your customers feel the same, and they are going to thank you for the assist! Brand your bottle, and save some skin! Buy your Custom SPF 30 Sunscreen here. (As low as $3.75)


6. The Cool Gear Snack Mini Cooler from ZippyDogs.Com is perhaps the coolest container out there. Nothing says fitness like fresh fruit and this is the cutest little compartment we could possibly recommend. Why is it so cool? Because it has freezer gel built into the cap! Buy your Mini Snack Cooler here. (As low as $3.02)