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Top 10 Waterproof Pill Cases

in General on October 22, 2013 .

There aren’t many different shapes of waterproof pill cases or pill containers on the market today. In fact, there seem to be one main style, that of the “key fob.” Generally, it consists of a cap with a keychain attached, and a bottom portion that screws into the cap. In between the two parts lies a rubber grommet/gasket. A few exceptions include the pendant necklace with the same general shape as the key-fob, the 8 compartment box with gasket from VitaCarry, and the small version of the popular “GearPod.” Although CapsulePen doesn’t yet manufacture a waterproof version of our pill case shaped like a pen, we will in the future, and this article details the beginning of our research into this much needed function. Until we bring our version of this versatile and durable sail-proof, swim-proof, jet ski, rain, tsunami proof pill protector, here is a list of our favorite waterproof pill organizers from around the web...

1. The Stainless Pill Holder - (3 styles from $20.00 to $30.00) - These stylish stainless fobs certainly feel like they can keep the elements at bay.  

2. 8 Compartment Box with Gasket - ($9.05) Here is the only truly multi-compartment box style pill case in the list, and it is affordable too!  

3. Big Titanium Waterproof Container - ($49.99) This is certainly the fanciest, most expensive, and most durable of the key fobs in the list, I bet you could run it over with an aircraft carrier and it would float away with nary a scratch. 

4. RockBros Titanium Waterproof Pill Case - ($42.99) This Pendant is the second entrant into the “Titanium” category. With a blue hue from some type of heat treatment, it has a daring, if smaller style than number 3 above. 

5. Survival Tech Aluminum Key Fob Pill Case - (Amazon Prime Eligible - $7.58) This aluminum fob is available in 5 different colors and is rather affordable, especially for Amazon Prime members. 

6. Nickel Lined Nitro Pendant - ($7.99) Designed specifically for nitroglycerin pills, this is the smallest pendant style pill container in the list. 

7. Capsule Shaped Case with Carabiner - ($7.99) If you like a capsule shaped case that is a little tongue-in-cheek, this one is for you, and is available in a few color selections.  

8. GearPods - (Small - $5.95) Here is a disc-shaped case meant for any number of things, built for adventurers it is a nice medication carrying solution. 

9. Ti2 Sentinel S4S - ($30.00) Made from grade 2 titanium, this tubular water tight design with an o-ring seal key-fob is the pinnacle of design and durability. 

10. Pill Pods 3-Pack - ($10.79) Here is a nice key-fob set of three that doesn't make a very big dent in your savings. 

HONORABLE MENTION. The CapsulePen - ($9.00 with free shipping) Because we like to maintain our objectivity, we didn't want to include our very own, American Made pillbox in the above, objective list. But, it is, of course, water resistant to 10 feet, so enjoy! The CapsulePen is available individually, or in modular & magnetic packs of 7.