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Top 10 Medication Reminder Apps for iPhone

in General on November 22, 2013 .



Any of the top 6 medication apps in this list will get the job done, but we have listed them in order of our preference. We gave lots of points for usability and a nice interface. Because, lets face it, if you don’t want to look at it, it isn’t going to be much help in medication management. Second came features, from reminders, to dosages, to pill pictures, to prescription refill reminders, these apps have what you need. We are keeping the bottom 4 apps on this list simply for posterity and a comprehensive look at the landscape, use them if you like, but we prefer the others.


1. Mango Health - Free


With a super easy set up for meds and reminders, and a nice tile-based home screen, this is a very easy app to use. It also adds a bit of “gamification” where you get points for set up and for taking your pills. No registration necessary, although you can register if you want to.

2. MediSafe - Free


This app has a cool image selection feature for each pill, shot, drop etc. It also includes food instructions, and a “virtual” pill box interface. Another excellent feature is called “Med-Friends.” These are people who will get notified if you miss your medications by more than an hour. No Registration required.

3. Care4Today - Free


Another quality app, with a user friendly and intuitive interface, it even has a library of pill pictures for free that you can match up to your medications and dosages, all in one set-up screen per medication. You can also customize the words that pop-up on your phone if you prefer something discreet or fun. This app has some neat adherence graphs as well, in case you want to see how you are doing. Registration required.

4. MedCoach - Free


This nifty app is easy to use and walks you through every step from medication selection via a glossary, to dosage to scheduling. The home screen is icon based and informative. Registration required.

5. Pill Reminder from Drugs.Com - Free


From Drugs.Com this is a comprehensive app with a decent interface, but it isn’t as friendly looking as MediSafe or MangoHealth. It does allow detailed scheduling, and associating pictures with pils. No Registration required.

6. RxmindMe - Free


With a link to the FDA Rx database, this app makes finding your medications a snap. The reminder portion of this app is slightly complicated, but that might be good for complicated medication regimens. No registration required.

7. Pill Monitor - Free


The pill glossary doesn’t work well on this app, if it even exists. You have to add the medication and the reminder separately. The interface isn’t as intuitive as in other apps. Ads on the screen can make things a bit confusing as well. No registration necessary.

8. Med Helper - Free


With one of our least favorite interfaces, it sure has a lot of buttons for very little functionality. There is no prescription refill reminder, no picture for a pill option, and no glossary of medications for auto selection. No Registration required.

9. Dosecast - Free


This is probably a nice app if you upgrade to premium, but other free apps have everything that this one offers if you pay for it. We would recommend RxmindMe, Mango, and MediSafe before this app. No Registration required.

10. Remember - Free


This sophomoric and childish app with a “post-it note” based interface is severly lacking in functionality. No Registration required.