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Pill Organizers Improve Your Health

on April 03, 2014 .

If you think that the title of this article is a bold statement, think again! That is, of course, as long as the pills in the pillbox are good for you, if they aren’t, you are on your own.


How do we at www.pillcontainers.com know that pill organizers help you to be a healthier you? Well, it has been proven, that’s how. It has actually been proven over and over and over in scientific journals. Here is a run-down of some of the scholarly work on the topic, because, after all, we would never want you to take only our word for it ;-)


​1. Pillbox Organizers are Associated with Improved Adherence - In this study, Pill Organizers appeared to improve adherence to a medication regimen by up to 4.5% which is the equivalent of NOT missing at least one dose per month on a 30 dose per month prescription.

2. OTC Medication Organizers - In this study, seven day pill organizers with compartments for different times appears to have potential for improvement of medication compliance.


3. Pillboxes: Prevalence of Use, Perceived Benefits - Here we have another study indicating the effectiveness of pillboxes. Above stating that treatment adherence is improved by pillbox interventions, it is also stated that pillbox users were les likely to of missed their medications and that they report feeling that they benefited from their use.

So, there you have it, not one, not two, but three studies on the use of medication organizers to aid in sticking to your schedule. We, of course, think that when you keep anything organized, be it your garage, your basement, your sock drawer OR your medications, that you are FAR more likely to make use of the organized resources than if not. It seems like common sense, actually... At any rate, no matter how you work toward improving your health, give yourself a pat on the back for working toward it at all!