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Remembering to Take Your Medication

in General on February 22, 2014 .


Remembering to take your medication can be a daunting tast for old pro's and newbies alike. The following are our silly, genius, mundane and magical tips for getting your memory to work right as often as possible. Enjoy, and if you have any thoughts of your own on the topic, please send us a message!


1. Combine it with a daily task. You brush your teeth in the morning, so keep your pill bottles next to your tooth brush. Love orange juice in the AM? Keep them on top of the Fridge.


2. Set an alarm or two on your phone or watch. A quick beep every night at 9pm quickly develops into an innate ritual that you will come to rely on.


3. Add one or several daily appointments to your calendar. Setting up your medication regimen on your gmail or iPhone calendar (with reminders!) is a great way to stay on track. Yahoo & MSN all have this capability too, so start planning your pills just like you plan your meetings. If you prefer discretion, same your "appointments" something fun, like "Relax!"


4. Keep your pills with you at all times. Convenient key fob pill cases, or something like our very own CapsulePen help you leave home with peace of mind, every time.


5. Keep some extra pills stowed away in your car, briefcase, purse or wallet (but make sure they can't get crushed). If you are thrown off of your rituals, you will still have them near by to take. How many times have you been caught off of your ritual without your medication because of a work or family emergency? Well, worry no more, keep a waterproof pill case in your car or boat or frequently used piece of luggage. Try to change out your pills once a year to keep them fresh.


6. Ask your partner to help. I can't tell you how many times my partner has reminded me to take my pills when he notices that I haven't done it. It means that they care, and that we aren't in this alone! After all, if we can't get help from our loved ones, who can we get help from?


7. Keep your pills in an open place next to an area that you pass by frequently. Heavily trafficked areas like the kitchen are great places to keep medications, vitamins and supplements. If you see them 10x per day, you are that many more times likely to remember to take them.


8. Sort your medication at the beginning of the week into a pill case that has daily compartments. This might be the #1 way to ritualize medication taking, with the added bonus of enabling you to see which days you've already got covered, so you don't double up on doses.


9. Use an app that tracks your medication needs on your phone. Here is a list of the top ten that we at PillContainers.Com reviewd recently: Top 10 Medicaiton Reminder Apps


10. Each time you take your medication, do something silly, like touch your nose or turn around. When you do something out of the ordinatry, you are more likely to remember that you ahve done it, and will avoid taking twice your usual doses.